Landi Mural Freezer Bag

Landi Mural Freezer Bag made of high-quality hygienic raw materials preserves flavor and taste of foods. With a unique design and easy installation on wall, cabinet and MDF, Hygienic perforated Landi Mural Freezer Bags can be used more easily than other similar products.

size: 25*35

count: 100 sheets

Hygienic & Easy to Use

Landi mural freezer bag is designed in so that you can use it easily and completely hygienically.


Landi mural freezer bag has perforation and makes it easy to separate and facilitates its use.

Protects the Flavor of Food

Landi mural freezer bag protects the flavor of food and prevents the penetration of unpleasant odors into and out of the product.

Long-term Storage of Food at Freezing Temperature

Landi mural freezer bag has the ability to store food in freezing temperature for a long time.

About Landi Mural Freezer Bag

It has happened to all of us that with our hands soaked in materials such as food, we look for a freezer bag so that we can pack our materials and we may pollute the space around us for this reason. Landi mural freezer bag is designed so that it easily sticks to smooth surfaces such as refrigerators, walls, cabinets, etc., and can be easily removed and used due to its perforation. Landi high-quality mural freezer bag will always be available to you and you no longer need to rummage everywhere to find a freezer bag!

Product Specifications:

  • Hygienic
  • Ease of use
  • Made of hygienic new polyethylene
  • Made of high-quality new raw materials