Landi Sheet Freezer Bag

Landi freezer bag is produced from high-quality hygienic raw materials which make it highly transparent and hygienic. Thick Landi freezer bag can be used for long-term storage of foods at a freezing point.

size: 25*35

count: 100 sheets

Thick for Food Storage at Freezing Point

Landi sheet freezer bag is resistant and flexible against freezing and protects food at freezing temperatures.

Protects the Flavor of Food

Landi sheet freezer bag protects the flavor of food and prevents the penetration of unpleasant odors into and out of the product.

Strong & Durable

Landi sheet freezer bag with good stitching and use of high-quality raw materials has high strength and durability.

Hygienic & Easy to Use

Landi sheet freezer bag is designed in so that you can use it easily and completely hygienically.

About Landi Sheet Freezer Bag

To store food at freezing temperature, you need freezer bags that can store food in the freezer temperature for a long time. Landi sheet freezer bag, which is made of completely hygienic raw materials, is the best option for packing food and storing it in the freezer. Landi sheet freezer bag is designed to take up very little space in the closet or cabinet, and it is very convenient and hygienic to separate and access its sheets.

Product Specifications:

  • Easy to use
  • Perfectly hygienic
  • Made of new and high quality materials
  • Manufactured with new polyethylene materials with hygienic grade