Landi freezer bags are delicate, transparent and durable. These products are designed for hygienic packaging of all kinds of food.

Preserve Freshness
High Resistance
High Flexibility & Traction

Landi garbage bags are durable, high quality and completely hygienic. With these products, there will be no more dripping & tearing.

Easy Knot
Color Variation
Easy to Carry

Landi disposable tablecloths, in beautiful designs and patterns, host your parties and gatherings. These products are completely hygienic.

Beautiful Designs
For Ceremonies

Landi disposable gloves protect your hands from contamination and injury. don’t worry about bad smell on your hands!

Diverse Applications
High Traction
High Resistance

Landi cleaning and pads and wires help you remove all kinds of stains from dishes and surfaces.

High Durability
High Cleaning Power
For all Dishes