Landi All-Purpose Cleaning Cloth

Without any need for detergents and without any stain, lint or color on the surfaces, Landi All-Purpose Cleaning Cloth is suitable for cleaning all surfaces including delicate glass, steel and LCD ones. Having high stain removal power and water absorption capacity, this product can be washed and reused several times.

size: 25*25

count: 25 PCS per roll

Extraordinary water absorption

Landi multi-purpose napkin has a high absorption power, which makes it easy to clean stain.


Landy multi-purpose cleaning cloth has perforation and makes it easier to separate and use.

No need for detergents

Landi multi-purpose cleaning cloth without the need for detergents have a very high cleaning power.

Durable and usable in several times

Landi multi-purpose handkerchief has a high durability and you can use it in several washes.

About Landi All-Purpose Cleaning Cloth

Landy multi-purpose cleaning cloth is a good choice for dusting and removing stains from different surfaces such as tiles, glass, walls, etc. Because with this napkin, you no longer need to use detergents. The cleansing power of this product eliminates the need for any detergents. You can use Landi multi-purpose cleaning cloth to clean sensitive surfaces such as LCDs, monitors, glasses, crystals, etc., and do not worry about leaving lint, traces or scratches.

Product Specifications:

  • Without lint
  • Perforated
  • No need for detergents
  • Durable and reusable
  • High water absorption capacity
  • Applicable to all delicate surfaces such as LCD, glass and steel