About Us

About Us

Registered and introduced to the market in 2016, Landi began producing home consumer polymeric products such as garbage and freezer bags, food protective cellophane, and disposable tablecloths. High-quality Landi products are manufactured employing precise and modern techniques and initiative technologies in Arvin Plast Hekmataneh Co., a subsidiary of Sepehr Plastic Padideh Co. Landi aims at preventing and reducing environmental pollutants in compliance with environmental laws and regulations pertained to the manufacture of plastic products.

Our Vision

  • Leadership of the domestic market and being recognized as a manufacturing hub of packaging machines for detergent, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and polymeric products
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through identifying and meeting their needs and improving the quality and volume of products
  • Increasing the knowledge and awareness level and empowerment of staff as the most valuable organizational capitals
  • Increasing the quality of health-oriented products
  • Paving the way for the optimal use of resources to increase the production efficiency
  • Preventing the occurrence of damages and events, and reducing occupational diseases in compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • Prevention, control, and reduction of environmental pollutants in compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • Increasing the company’s share of domestic and international markets
  • Creating a customer-oriented atmosphere by allocating required resources to receive and address customer feedbacks
  • Creating an efficient easy-to-use free process for customers to facilitate their statements
  • Promoting the knowledge and awareness of personnel in customer relationship management (CRM) and responding them through constant training courses
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of customer complaints and identities
  • Establishing and expanding new communication bridges to facilitate reception of customer complaints

Our Mission

With firm belief in customer orientation and full commitment to social responsibilities, and taking advantage of human capitals and effective technologies, the company aims to meet competitive needs of the market and community to high-quality plastic products. Empathy and teamwork, creativity and innovation, hope and hard work, and learning and continuous improvement are considered core values of the company in the path of excellence and market leadership. The company makes all its efforts for constant preferences and selection of its customers.