Landi Two-Purpose Dishwashing Foam

Landi Two-Purpose Dishwashing Foam with two sides made of different materials is suitable for cleaning all kinds of dishes. The hard side is suitable for cleaning hard surfaces such as copper and zinc. The other side is made of soft foam and suitable for cleaning Teflon and delicate glass and crystal dishes.

size: 13*11.5

count: 240 PCS per box

For All Kinds of Dishes

Landi tow-purpose foam is suitable for washing all kinds of dishes and surfaces due to its hard and soft surfaces.

High Density Sponge

Landi tow-purpose sponge has a high density, which has increased its durability and longevity.

High Stain Removal Power

Landi tow-purpose sponge has high cleaning power and easily removes all kinds of stains.

High Durability

Landi tow-purpose sponge has high durability and flexibility and does not lose its quality against water and detergents.

About Landi Two-Purpose Dishwashing Foam

LandiTwo-Purpose Dishwashing Foam consists of three separate layers and has two soft and hard surfaces. This product is suitable for washing all kinds of greasy and dirty surfaces and dishes. So you no longer need to use two separate dishwashing pads for hard and sensitive dishes. Landi dual-purpose dishwashing foam is made of dense and completely hygienic sponge and its quality and shape will not change due to several washes.

Product Specifications:

  • Suitable for all kinds of dishes
  • High stain removal power