Landi Thick Disposable Tablecloth

Durable hygienic Landi Disposable Tablecloths without discoloration and fluid diffusion are a good choice for use in parties, hotels, conventions, dining halls, picnics, etc. This product is made of high-quality hygienic raw materials.

size: 120*100

count: 20 PCS per box


Landi disposable tablecloth is thick and water and liquids do not penetrate from it.

Perfectly Hygienic

Landi disposable tablecloth is completely hygienic and produced from first-class materials with hygienic grade.

Suitable for Hotels & Restaurants

Landi disposable tablecloth is used in ceremonies and gatherings, luxury hotels and restaurants.

Made of new Polyethylene

Landi disposable tablecloth is made of new and completely hygienic polyethylene materials.

About Landi Thick Disposable Tablecloth

Landi disposable tablecloth is thick, waterproof and very beautiful. This tablecloth is used in homes, restaurants, halls and luxury hotels and is a good host for your guests. The disposable tablecloth does not stain, tear or puncture easily, and is impermeable. This beautiful product makes it easier and healthier to entertain guests. The disposable tablecloth is not perforated, and you can cut and use it according to the size you want.

Product Specifications:

  • Length per role: 10m
  • Made of new polyethylene
  • Hygienic and made of high-quality raw materials
  • Applicable in homes, parties, hotels, conventions, dining halls, …