Landi Hard Dishwashing Pad

With high stain removal and cleansing power, Landi Hard Dishwashing Pad is suitable for the removal of various types of fats and hard stains of hard dishes made of copper and zinc.

size: 17.7*10

count: 240 PCS per box

For Hard Surfaces & Containers

Landi hard dishwashing pad suitable for washing all kinds of dishes and hard surfaces such as sinks, ceramic tiles and zinc and copper dishes.

High Stain Removal Power

Landi hard dishwashing pad has high cleaning power and easily removes all kinds of stains.

High Durability

Landi hard dishwashing pad has high durability and flexibility and does not lose its quality against water and detergents.

High Density Sponge

The middle sponge of the hard dishwashing pad has a high density, which has increased its durability and longevity.

About Landi Hard Dishwashing Pad

Landi hard dishwashing pad with durable fabric is used for washing dishes and surfaces that are contaminated with hard and old stains. Landi hard dishwashing pad makes glossy the dishes and surfaces such as zinc and copper perfectly shiny without the need for hand pressure. This product has a high durability, and due to frequent washing, its quality and form do not change quickly.

Product Specifications:

  • Suitable for cleaning oily and hard surfaces
  • High cleansing power