Landi Easy-Tie Garbage Bag

Landi Easy-tie Garbage bag has four edges for easy tie. The star stitching in this high-strength product prevents leakage and dripping. Due to the use of high-quality raw materials, Landi Easy-tie Garbage Bag is more transparent and has a higher quality than similar products.

size: 55*70

count: 20 sheets


Landi easy-tie garbage bag has perforation and makes it easy to separate and facilitates its use.

Star Stitching

The possibility of rupture and leakage is minimized due to the stitching of the star at the bottom of the Landi garbage bag.

Easy To Carry & Tie

Landi garbage bag has four corners for easy tying and easier carrying.

High Resistance

Landi garbage bag has a high thickness and strength and does not tear or puncture easily.

About Landi Easy-Tie Garbage Bag

Garbage bags can be really troublesome if they are not of high quality and durability. Unpleasant odors, tears and dripping are some of the problems that any bad garbage bag can cause. Star stitching at the bottom of the Landi garbage bag makes it not only easy to stand on the ground but also minimizes the possibility of rupture and leakage. This product is high quality, thick and durable, suitable for home, restaurant, hotel.

Product Specifications:

  • Hygienic
  • High strength and stretch
  • High strength without leakage
  • Made of high-quality raw materials
  • Star stitching at the bottom of the bag